Aggreko Africa Milestones, achievements and history

Aggreko Africa History


  • Aggreko Africa executed the first power project (Burkina Faso)


  • 9 MW power package to cement manufacturer Scancem International ANS (Sokoto, Nigeria)
  • 12 MW power package to Kellogg Brown and Root for construction and production facilities at the ESSO Chad oilfield development project (Kome, Chad)


  • 12 MW power package supplied at 4 locations to power existing substation and distribution infrastructure at the Samir Oil Refinery (Morocco)
  • 15 MW of power to support utility grid (Cabinda, Angola)
  • 20 MW of power generation required to meet grid demand and stabilise the Abuja network, Nigeria
  • 8 MW loadbank package for the refurbishment of the Glas Dowr FPSO (Cape Town, South Africa)


  • 14 MW of power to enhance power quality and stability (Libreville, Gabon)
  • 3 MW temporary power package and 4 MW Loadbank package at the Burullus Gas processing plant located (Idku, Egypt)
  • 2 MW temporary power package installed on board an offshore platform for Zeitco to power the entire facility (Gulf of Suez, Egypt)


  • 10 MW additional power due to hydro shortage to reduce rolling blackouts  (Tanzania)
  • 46 MW backup power to replace broken down turbine and engine at power plant (Martinique)
  • 40 MW temporary power package to Senegal utility company SENELEC (Dakar, Senegal)
  • 6 MW of power to run entire new production line in case of power outage from unstable national grid at cement plant (Mauritania)
  • First project in Uganda with 50 MW of power to Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited


  • 6 MW power plant for the short-term operation of a boiler on site (Guinea)
  • 10 MW of power for induction arc furnace for a major foundry (South Africa)
  • 40 MW first ever gas powered turn-key project to support the utility grid after droughts -Tanzania
  • 100 MW commissioned on a single site in a three phase project for KenGen to support the local utility grid (Kenya)
  • 8 MW stand-by power package on board FPSO Conkouati (Yombo field, Congo)
  • 4 MW temporary power package to a remote oil pumping station in the Algerian Sahara Desert run by AGIP (Algeria)



  • 50 MW base load power to support the local utility grid (Jinja, Uganda)
  • 4 MW diesel and gas generators for the commissioning and startup of a gas compression station (Egypt)
  • 10 MW of power for mine operations (Mossel Bay, South Africa)
  • Additional 40 MW of utility power to existing site (Cabinda, Angola)
  • 30 MW of power to support utility grid (Lubango, Angola)
  • 20 MW of power for LNG plant (Tunisia)
  • 20 MW of power  to Tanesco for the routine scheduled maintenance of a 33kV transformer (Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania)


  • Opened a fully functional depot in Midrand, South Africa
  • 10 MW of gas power for Sococim Cement plant (Senegal)
  • 140 MW of additional power to supplement grid (Kenya)
  • 14.7 MW of power for all venues at the FIFA Confederations Cup South Africa 2009 – South Africa
  • 30 MW of power to EEPCO, to combat hydro power shortage due to severe droughts (Nazaret, Ethiopia)





  • Opened service centre in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania