Temporary Power | Temperature Control | Contracting | Aggreko
22 July 2015

Generators, chiller and cooling for buildings

Aggreko’s 20+ years of experience in the contractor market provides us with the ability to custom-design electrical and temperature control solutions on your timeline.

We ensure we get the job done right, by providing;

  • Process enhancement for your customers
  • Construction site power and power distribution
  • Supplementary power, temperature control or air services to support industrial processes
  •  Building environment control, heating, cooling, air conditioning, drying
  •  Construction site utility services
  •  Emergency response in the event of breakdown or natural disaster

Aggreko offers custom-designed power and temperature control rental solutions to support contractors across a range of sectors, including facilities management, construction and temperature control.

We will work with you to understand the needs of your customers and meet their challenges and demands.  Our network of 9 service centres Africa and our 24/7 365 operations ensures we can provide a responsive, tailor-made service.

Whether you require additional fleet to support your own equipment, or temporary hires whilst you undertake repair or maintenance - we can support.

In addition, we offer a contingency planning service which can support you with emergency repair and maintenance work, so your customers can have continuous, uninterrupted power or cooling whist you undertake the work required.

More than offering the rental industries most versatile and state of the art fleet, it is Aggreko’s people who bring the true value and ownership to your project. Whenever a situation arises, we are there on the spot with a solution that saves both time and money. This ensures that your project managers, engineers and employees can deal with unexpected or extraordinary circumstances with confidence.