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Eritrea Gold Mine

Reliable Power Supply to Commission and Operate Gold Mine, Eritrea

The Bisha mine, operated by Bisha Mining Share Company (BMSC), is located in an isolated region of Eritrea approximately 300 kilometres from the Red Sea. Prior to commencing construction of the mine, BMSC had to satisfy its investors that they would be able to provide a stable and reliable power supply, as the site would be unable to access the Eritrean national grid due to its location. As the power required would vary throughout the construction and commissioning of the mine, BMSC needed a fast and flexible power supply.

Power Supply

After a number of meetings with BMSC to discuss the power requirement, Aggreko determined that once fully operational, the mine would require 20 MW of power. Aggreko was involved from the feasibility stages of the project to design, mobilise and commission the 20 MW power package. The power package is now the mine’s only source of operational power until a permanent power supply is established, with Aggreko technicians manning the site 24 hours a day to ensure a stable and reliable power supply.

Why was Aggreko Chosen?

Aggreko has an extensive track record of powering mines in remote locations, including as the BHP Coloso mine in Chile and the Ivanhoe mine in Mongolia. By contracting Aggreko, BMSC was able to include the power costs as part of the mine’s monthly operating expenses, rather than paying for a permanent package out of capital expenditure. The Aggreko solution offered them both the guarantee of reliable power and flexibility of payment.

Power supply for mine

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“We are delighted to be working with Aggreko as they have great experience operating at sites similar to the Bisha mine. Being in a remote location meant that finding a reliable power supply was a critical factor; however, Aggreko’s lead time and modular flexibility fitted well with our planned production schedule.”
Cliff Davis
Chief Executive Officer
Nevsun Resources