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Supplementing Hydro Electric Power Generation

Following the fifth consecutive year of minimal rainfall, reservoirs feeding Sri Lanka’s hydro power plants were approaching critically low levels. As the situation became more acute, power rationing was again introduced in an attempt to conserve water supplies.

The original tender initially required 100 MW of baseload power to be installed at four sites around Colombo, the capital city. However, this requirement eventually rose to more than 200 MW spread across eight locations.

Generator Rental

A flexible system was necessary in order to supply various capacities at different voltages ranging from 8 MW/11kV at Aniyakanda to 45 MW/33KV at Kosgma. Aggreko supplied a full range of equipment including generators, transformers, switchgear, control rooms and ancillary products.

Aggreko also supplied bulk fuel storage systems and on several sites, undertook on behalf of the electric provider, fuel management responsibilities, including quality control and metering to guarantee fuel consumption levels throughout the contract.

Full operation and maintenance of the equipment supplied was undertaken by Aggreko engineers to ensure the entire 200 MW of temporary power operated at peak performance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Within eight weeks of signing the contract, Aggreko shipped, delivered, installed and brought online all 200 MW.

The benefits to the customer

The capability of Aggreko to mobilize, install and commission modular power packages with the flexibility to generate power at the exact capacity and voltage dictated by the customer’s available sites in the very short time scales required proved to be a key factor in making Aggreko the vendor of choice.