De l'énergie pour une cimenterie

Rental power to cement manufacturer

Unprecedented population growth and construction boom throughout the UAE caused an extraordinary leap in demand for cement. Ras Al Khaimah, a key site for development in UAE, had plans to increase power capacity for their city to support this progress. Whilst governmental plans were underway, some manufacturing companies required immediate power to continue their production.

Generator rental

Aggreko was contracted to supply 10 MW of temporary power, however within two months of supplying the initial package further 10 MW power package was installed.

Aggreko power was used to ensure that production levels of the cement plant were achieved and maintained to meet the high demand of cement in the UAE.

The benefits to the customer

Abdo Nemer, General Manager of Union Cement Company, commented: 'The power package provided by Aggreko ensures that we have the power we need to meet our production targets. We have been very pleased by both the professionalisim and skill of the Aggreko team.