Etude de cas sur la récupération de propylène

Propylene plant outage recovery

A Midwest olefins producer was experiencing limitations in the recovery section of their propylene unit. This was not only affecting production but was also causing unwanted flaring of the propylene. A fouled heat exchanger was believed to be the problem and a plant outage was required to clean the exchanger. This would require several days of lost production which the plant could not afford to take.

Aggreko's solution

Within 24 hours of the equipment arriving on-site the project was on-line meeting all process objectives. Aggreko reviewed the options available and recommended a solution that would meet the customer’s needs and was least intrusive to the plant for installation avoiding an unscheduled shutdown.

The benefits to the customer

The project has allowed the plant to maintain production until a scheduled shut-down of the unit could be coordinated. In addition, the plant has no longer been required to flare the propylene avoiding potential environmental penalties.

Aggreko refining solutions

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