Etude de cas TecHeat

TecHeat heat treatment rids flour plant of bugs - without chemicals

During a routine check of the planted pheromone traps, the sanitation engineer of a pasta plant was concerned with the large amounts of flour beetles that were captured. Knowing that if the numbers on the traps were this great then surely the pests had also infested the grain bins, storage tanks, sifters, motors and other appliances, he immediately put a plan into action.

Heat treatment

Aggreko was contacted and a new 1120kW heat treatment unit was loaded up and delivered to the plant. Our technician carefully set up the unit to the customer's specification and within 24 hours was fully operational. From the computer in the unit's air-conditioned control room, the technician was able to comfortably monitor the temperature in the facility as it rose to 130°F (54.4°C).

The benefits to the customer

Twelve hours later, the TecHeat application was complete and the sanitation engineer again surveyed the facility, this time very pleased with what he saw - dead bugs everywhere and no chemical residue.