Aggreko loue 30MW en Ethiopie

Aggreko commissions 30 MW power rental project in Ethiopia

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- Severe drought in Ethiopia caused hydro power shortages in 2008

- Aggreko commissioned a 30MW rental power project in Nazaret within two months

- The rental power package will assist the local utility to meet demand despite temporarily limited capacity

Nazaret, Ethiopia, March 2009 - Aggreko, the global leader in the provision of temporary power and temperature control services, has successfully designed, mobilised, installed and commissioned a 30MW  power project for the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCO). Due to power shortages in the country, additional capacity was urgently needed, and Aggreko was able to complete the project within two months of contract signature.

Power in Ethiopia is almost exclusively generated by hydro-electric power stations; at present, hydro accounts for 95% of the country’s power capacity. However, severe droughts in 2008 reduced water levels at many dams, causing the power stations to operate at lower efficiencies and resulting in power shortages and vastly increased power demand. Currently EPPCO is in the process of constructing four additional hydroelectric power stations, but the stations are not due to be completed for several years. In order to limit the impact of the power shortfall, EEPCO contracted Aggreko to provide the 30MW/15kV rental power package.

The power package is connected directly to the EEPCO national grid and is a turn-key operation, which will be staffed 24 hours a day by Aggreko technicians. All design, engineering, mobilisation, installation and commissioning was performed directly by Aggreko. The company is also providing all operations and maintenance servicing during the life of the project, in addition to project decommissioning when the additional capacity is no longer needed.

Steve Aitken, Managing Director of Aggreko Africa, commented on the project: “The project marks Aggreko’s first contract in Ethiopia and we are very pleased to further expand our presence in East Africa. Although the time-scale was very short, we worked closely with EEPCO to ensure that the power package was up and running as soon as possible.” He added: “Aggreko always strives to ensure that the local community benefits from our presence in country and the same will be applicable in Ethiopia. Aggreko has already recruited local technicians whom we have sent to our centre of excellence for specialist training.”

Mr. Melaku Mano, EEPCO Executive Officer, Power Generation, commented: “Aggreko has provided an excellent turn-key service. We were convinced to award the first 30MW diesel power generation plant to Aggreko because of their proven record of supplying rapid turn-key power projects to countries such as Kenya, where the additional capacity generated by Aggreko has enabled industry in the country to continue to expand. Now that the plant at Adama is running at full capacity, we are able to ensure that our country has the capacity needed to meet power demands.”

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