13 January 2017

Aggreko rapidly installs 50 MW of power in time for Christmas

Porto Novo, Benin: Aggreko installed 50 MW of diesel generated power in Benin to meet additional demand over Christmas.

The installation was in response to an Energy Ministry request to bring forward a portion of the 100 MW ADDgas power project being installed at Maria Gleta.

Aggreko employed and trained 37 local men and three local women during the build, which uses new generators brought in from the Middle East and Europe.

The UK-based power generation company received the Ministry’s request in October and began civil engineering preparation work on the site on 1 November.

The Minster of Energy officially received the power on 21 December - four days ahead of schedule and well in time for Christmas, thanks to the efforts of the local team and 10 Aggreko engineers.
“We asked Aggreko if they were able to bring forward part of the installation, so we had additional capacity for Christmas", said SBEE Commercial and Client Director and Head of Project, Raymond Okpeicha.

“They didn’t hesitate and had 50 MW up and running four days ahead of schedule. We were delighted with their rapid response and the reliability of the project."

The 50 MW is the first installation of the new 100 MW ADDgas-powered 161 kV substation, at Maria Gleta, due to be completed in February.

More than 80 per cent of the workers are locals and Aggreko has retained 15 of the 40 locals to work at the power station.

Once fully operational Aggreko will begin a phased relocation of 15 MW from Gbegamey and 35 MW from Akpapka.

Managing Director, Aggreko Africa, James Shepherd, said:  “Our first priority is always to ensure maximum capacity, so when asked to bring forward some of the power in time for Christmas, we did.

“By delivering this fast-track power, we are helping to provide a more consistent and reliable energy supply to the people of Benin, providing employment for local people and helping to support the economic growth in the country."

ADDGAS is an add-on technology, which allows the substitution of a significant portion of diesel fuel with natural gas. SBEE will be able to make significant savings over the duration of the one year contract.

The power will help the grid provide power for the country’s 10 million inhabitants and support its main industries, including cement, food and beverage and agriculture, mainly fishing.

With an annual GDP growth of nearly 6% and a rapidly expanding industrial sector, power demands across Benin are increasing exponentially. In its role as the national power utility and system operator in Benin, Société Béninoise d'Energie Electrique (SBEE) is working to bring high quality electricity throughout the country by increasing generation capacity and further developing transmission and distribution networks.

Aggreko has a strong and established relationship with SBEE having previously supported the national grid at various intervals over the last 12 years, providing an interim solution to Benin helping to maintain economic growth in the country.

With around 2.3 GW currently installed across 34 African countries, Aggreko is the largest supplier of fast-track temporary power to the African continent. This new 100 MW project will bring the company’s total generating capacity to 2.4 GW across Africa.

Aggreko has a policy to create more local jobs with the recruitment and training of a local workforce specialised in the power industry, a critical sector for the future development of the continent.



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