Aggreko|Ryder Cup|2014
27 August 2014

Aggreko to power the 2014 Ryder Cup

7th July 2014 Glasgow, Scotland: Aggreko has been selected to provide temporary power to The 2014 Ryder Cup.The contract includes technical power supply to broadcasters transmitting to half a billion homes.

The global leader in rental power and temperature control solutions will not only provide 17 MW of power and back-up support on location at Gleneagles, but will also ensure the tented village, hospitality units, media centre and other temporary infrastructure are air conditioned.

Central to the success of the event will be the performance of Aggreko’s “super-silent” TwinPack generators, which will minimise sound emissions from power production in and around the golf course.

With The 2014 Ryder Cup expected to reach a global broadcast audience of half a billion homes in 183 countries worldwide, Aggreko is also due to supply broadcasters with the technical power supplies needed to transmit pictures around the globe. Around 600 distribution boards will be utilised by the firm to connect and feed power supplies around the course.

Angus Cockburn, Interim Chief Executive Officer of Aggreko, said: "Aggreko has vast experience of providing temporary power and temperature control solutions at golf tournaments. Doing so at The 2014 Ryder Cup, which is on our doorstep and is perhaps higher profile than any previous iteration, is a great privilege.”

In total Aggreko will be helping to power and cool around 40 different major temporary structures at the Gleneagles site. A team of around 50 technicians are already on site and will remain in place for some three months until the entire site is disassembled.

Aggreko has provided similar services for major sports events including the nine Olympic and Paralympic Games, five FIFA World Cups, four previous Ryder Cups in Europe and The XX Commonwealth Games.

Edward Kitson, Match Director of The 2014 Ryder Cup, said: "Aggreko is yet another global business with firm Scottish roots to join us at The 2014 Ryder Cup. Their expertise and experience at previous sporting events, both at golf tournaments and others with international broadcast power requirements, will be invaluable.”

The 2014 Ryder Cup takes place at The Gleneagles Hotel, Auchterarder, Perthshire, Scotland from 26-28 September, 2014.