Supplementary Power|African Mining Growth
15 October 2014

Supplementary power supporting African mining

Nairobi, Kenya: Aggreko, the world leader in the provision of temporary power and temperature control solutions, is witnessing exponential growth in demand for rental power within the African minerals sector as mining companies increasingly opt for rental solutions to back-up or supplement supplies from the local grid, or to act as primary power for projects located off the grid.

Aggreko provides mission critical power supplies to mining projects throughout the world. This is through the supply of full-lifecycle project power from initial project construction and development, to full production and project ramp-down. In situations when existing power supplies go off-line, due to equipment breakdown or maintenance or when grid s``upplies fall short, Aggreko provides rapid response, emergency power to keep mines operational.

Aggreko recently supplied a 350 kVA power package to the Kwale Mineral Sands Mine in south-east Kenya operated by Base Resources, an Australian titanium producer. Brought in to supplement local grid supplies, the system was used to power the silt dam pumps, a process vital to the ongoing operation of the facility. This was the second time in which Aggreko provided power to Kwale. During construction of the project, a 200 kVA system was on site for six months to power project offices and lighting throughout the mine.