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Power Generation and Temperature Control

Power generation

Contact us and you can have all the power resources required for your business operations, industrial processes or events to run smoothly. Amongst other power generation equipment, we offer diesel generators, gas-powered generators, on-board generators, transformers and various power accessories. Our temporary power generation equipment can act as a standby power source or as the prime power supply and won’t let you down.

Take a look at the dedicated generator hire page for more information.

Temperature control

At Aggreko we understand the importance of effective temperature control. Our air conditioner units are specially designed for industrial spaces, TV and movie sets and business events, while our spot coolers provide mobile cooling options. Chillers, cooling towers and heat exchangers can moderate temperatures during industrial and production processes.

Find out more about our temperature control products.

We offer our services in Africa from offices located in Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria and South Africa. French speaking African countries are serviced from our office in France.

To discuss how our power generation and temperature control solutions can help your business, send us your enquiry.