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Diesel Generator Rental

Aggreko is the industry leader in generator rental and provides containerised and canopy diesel generators to customers across Africa. In addition to our high-quality rental diesel generator sets, we offer tailored technical solutions to meet customers’ requirements and excellent service support through our team of highly skilled engineers.

The reliability of our generators helps to prevent losses associated with issues such as power outages, maintenance activities, peak shaving situations, project execution delays and variations in seasonal demand.

Aggreko engineers operate to the highest quality, health, safety and environmental standards and can handle any power crisis. This capability ensures that customers have an uninterrupted power supply from Aggreko diesel generator sets.

Outstanding quality and performance

Safety is paramount for Aggreko, so every diesel generator (DG set) set that we rent out is protected by on-board moulded case circuit breakers and adjustable residual current devices for sensitive earth-fault protection.

Environmental considerations are addressed by integral design features such as class-leading sound attenuation, fully bunded, integrated fuel tanks and optimised engine emissions. These features exceed the standards in all current or pending legislation.

All Aggreko rental equipment benefits from a stringent regime of pre- and post-hire inspection and load testing to complement our comprehensive on-site servicing.

Silenced, containerised diesel generators

500 kVA to 1250 kVA

Aggreko’s containerised diesel generators (DG sets) set the industry standard for quality, reliability and sound attenuation. The containerised generators that we offer in Africa are 500 kVA, 1000 kVA and 1250 kVA.

Each diesel generator for rent is enclosed in a custom-designed 6-m container for enhanced safety, mobility, scalability, durability and ease of transportation by road, rail, sea or air.

Reliability is a key consideration for diesel generator rental. We have carefully selected and rigorously tested every component to ensure maximum reliability, even in the most arduous environments.

Silenced canopy diesel generators

20 kVA to 500 kVA

Aggreko’s silenced canopy diesel generators set the industry standard for quality, reliability and sound attenuation. The canopy generators that we offer in Africa are 20 kVA, 30 kVA, 60 kVA, 125 kVA, 200 kVA, 320 kVA, 350 kVA and 500 kVA.

Diesel generator applications

Aggreko provides the latest technology generators for rent. The quality of our equipment and service excellence confirms our position as the number-one choice for:

  • Prime power – a reliable power for complete installations
  • Bridge power – for new projects and expansions to provide construction, commissioning or start-up power
  • Standby power – dependable backup and peace of mind for essential services
  • Supplementary power – grid-quality power to enhance existing supply
  • Seasonal power – additional capacity for customers with variable demand
  • Emergency response – temporary replacement for installed capacity as part of a disaster recovery plan
  • Black-start power – for motor and power plant black-starting applications.

Aggreko has a global database of previous applications that helps it find the solutions that work best for each customer, whatever their temporary power requirements are.

We also offer gas generators.

To find out more about renting a generator from Aggreko, send us your enquiry.