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Gas Generator Rental

Aggreko gas generators on rent are extremely flexible and efficient in all arduous situations. In India, over last few years, gas availability is increased. However, one may not be sure about gas supply for long term and associated cost-benefits. So the least confusing solution could be gas generators on rent, if you have gas supply. You need not to invest heavily in capital cost and can take benefit of natural gas availability in your respective region. Gas generators on hire are clean source of energy. Compared with diesel generators (DG set), gas generators have a much lower green-house gas emissions content.

Our Gas generators on hire/rent are ideal for applications like:

  • Combined heat and power generation (CHP)
  • Trigeneration, Cogeneration
  • Bio-gas installations
  • Sewer gas and landfill gas extraction
  • Peakshaving

Aggreko gas generators on rent:

  • Operate on natural gas
  • Are of robust design, with purpose built alternator suitable for continuous operation in harsh environment.
  • Use proven “lean burn” reciprocating gas engine technology.
  • Have heavy duty, spark ignited, turbocharged after cooled engine.
  • Continuous rating of 1,100 kWe nett*.
  • Capable of operating at 50Hz or 60Hz. Compact 20’ ISO standard containerised design.
  • Have a separate circuit ( LT & HT) high efficiency engine cooling system with container roof top mounted coolers.
  • Have an advanced digital electronic control system.


Based on Rental Gas Generator, We offer combined heat and power solutions (CHP) complete with HRSG, and cooling schemes through vapour absorption machines. This concept is also known as Trigenration or Cogeneration.

Gas generator rental from Aggreko provides cost efficient power generation, exceptional performance & reliability, flexibility, reduced environmental impact, plus servicing and maintenance is managed by our team as part of the rental package.

Aggreko operates from over 200 locations worldwide.

For further information about our gas generators, contact us with your rental enquiry.