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Loadbank Rental

At Aggreko we understand the importance of thoroughly testing power supply systems. We have the skills and knowledge to support your loadtesting projects, providing you with a turn-key service including engineering, commissioning and operational support. Our loadbank rental services are the most effective solution for immediate requirements.

Test your power supply

Aggreko offers a full range of AC loadbanks from 100 kW ‘resistive only’ to 6000 kVA combined ‘resistive and reactive’ in single or multiple units. Also available are DC loadbanks capable of accepting voltages up to 240 V.

Aggreko has vast experience in finding the correct loadtest solution for any requirement. Varying from a single 10 kW low voltage test to large multi-MW high voltage applications, Aggreko’s extensive equipment range also includes a selection of multi-tap transformers which are fitted with high voltage switchgear and protection as standard.

Benefits of loadtesting

  • Rental equipment is available at short notice and can be delivered and installed in the shortest possible time-frame to meet your needs.
  • Renting loadtesting equipment from Aggreko makes sound financial sense. Thoroughly testing power systems before they are commissioned reduces the risk of contract penalties due to delays..
  • Aggreko takes the worry out of loadtesting. All aspects of the project, including design and operation, are handled by our team of dedicated specialists. In addition, we provide full loadtest documentation for quality auditing purposes including method statements and schematics..
  • Renting loadtesting equipment eliminates the need for capital expenditure when purchasing equipment. It incurs no large down payments or interest costs and preserves your borrowing capacity, thus improving cash flow.

With Aggreko rental solutions, all risks of equipment ownership, including servicing and repairs, lie with us.

Our loadbank equipment

  • Resistive-only loadbanks
  • Resistive & reactive loadbanks
  • Direct current (DC) loadbanks
  • Sigma II instrumentation system - MV/HV monitor

Compatible transformers are also available. The load can be synchronised and shared with a unique command control panel.

To find more information about loadbank rental, and to discuss how we can help your business, send us your rental enquiry.